Rainbow Dipped Macrame Wall Hanging


I made a wall hanging! It’s a super simple one, but super rainbowy and colorful. I love browsing all of the different dream catchers and macrame hangings. They’re all so beautiful. I wish I had the kind of weaving talent to make those tiny intricate ones. Since I don’t, I created a much MUCH more simplified one. I found this embroidery hoop at a yard sale and I’ve been holding onto it trying to decide how to use it. It’s perfect for this project! My wedding bouquet was a mixture of hot pink, orange, and yellow shades of roses all bundled together. This mixture of hues has always sung to me! They’re such a cheery combo, I love them.


USA Flag Dessert Toppers

While we get ready for those Memorial Day sales, BBQ’s, and parties, we remember & honor those who have died fighting for our Country. What better time to proudly display our Country’s American flag!  These freebie mini USA flags are a really easy way to add a little patriotic flair to your Memorial Day get together.


Belated Mother’s Day Weekend in Jefferson, Texas

We had a getaway to my favorite little haunted town for a belated Mother’s Day this past weekend! We didn’t get to do a lot on the “actual” day this year because Chris had been working mega overtime hours launching a new project. He made it up to me though! We used to visit Jefferson, Texas together before becoming parents and it’s been way too long since our last trip. I was so excited to show Olivia all of the things that we love about it.