Christmas Pompom Stockings


Whew, it’s been a busy month so far! I was hoping to post this DIY much sooner… but shopping, work, mom stuff, and family get-togethers have slowed me down a little. I made an easy stocking tutorial that doesn’t take much time at all to complete. Even with Christmas a few days away, you still have plenty of time to create your own colorful pompom stockings!


HOPE Outdoor Gallery: Round 2

Our second visit to the Hope Outdoor Gallery did not disappoint! My bestie and I were in need of an updated photo sesh together and this place was the perfect backdrop. I’m obsessed with the endless walls of colorful street art. We got to explore the top section, unlike my first visit there because it was too rainy & muddy. Check out my last post to see how much it’s changed. There is always always something new and cool to discover here!


Ombre Planter & Plant Stand

My snake plant has really been thriving this past year, which makes me so happy. I’ve always had sort of a “black thumb” when it comes to plants, and could never really keep them alive for too long. As of now, I have 13 plants on my patio that are growing more and more. Hopefully that means I’m getting better at keeping them alive, or they’re just way too easy to take care of. Either way, I ain’t complaining! But as the weather is changing and the temperatures are dropping, I can’t help but worry a little if they’ll continue to thrive. Last year, I kept them all in my garage and that seemed to sustain them through the winter. This year, I’ve decided to bring a few indoors so I can still gawk at them from time to time. I jazzed up a tomato stand and planter to display my snake plant in my dining room, and I’m digging how it turned out!


Metal Drip Pumpkins

For all of you procrastinators out there, you are not alone! I’ve got a last minute Halloween DIY, and it only requires TWO items. I picked up some liquid metal paint the other day and made metal drip pumpkins. They’re absolutely gorgeous. I just love the effect it creates. Its shiny sheen metallic glaze totally adds the perfect touch atop these little mini gourds! They also make great Thanksgiving decorations. and would look amazing as centerpieces.