Belated Mother’s Day Weekend in Jefferson, Texas


We had a getaway to my favorite little haunted town for a belated Mother’s Day this past weekend! We didn’t get to do a lot on the “actual” day this year because Chris had been working mega overtime hours launching a new project. He made it up to me though! We used to visit Jefferson, Texas together before becoming parents and it’s been way too long since our last trip. I was so excited to show Olivia all of the things that we love about it.


What We’re Wearing to Disney

I have had the best time planning every detail of our Disney trip so far, including what to wear! I don’t normally post about this kind of thing, but it was such a fun part of the process and I thought it would be helpful to some of you trying to figure out park attire. For the majority of our trip, we chose to wear Disney themed tees to pair with character greets and parks we’ve got scheduled for the day. We love Disney movies, but don’t normally sport the attire and we’re taking full advantage of it! 


Princess & Birthday Themed Minnie Ears

If you follow along with me on social media, you know that we’re going to Disney World for the first time EVER!! We could not be more excited. I just finished making our Minnie ears, and now I get to share them all with you guys! We’ll be celebrating our daughter’s 6th birthday during our trip so I made her a pair of cupcake ears with rainbow color felts. I love them! I also created a Beauty and the Beast themed pair, and two Little Mermaid pairs because Ariel is our absolute fave. I was able to make them all pretty quickly with only a few steps to follow. Check out how easy they are!