Let’s Be Mermaids Birthday


Hi, readers! I recently got Livi’s birthday photos and I’m so excited to show you all her party decor! My little mini and I have a deep love for mermaids.. My obsession started very young with “The Little Mermaid” (obviously), which naturally rubbed off on Livi as a little babe. She really wanted to be Ariel for Halloween last year and shortly after, requested numerous times for a mermaid party. Of course I was thrilled, so I was all about it! Since I didn’t want to limit myself to planning around a “character themed” party, I chose “classic mermaid” instead. I painted a piece for my daughter’s room when I redecorated it two years ago, and that’s where I gathered my inspiration from.  Here’s how I planned this little mermaid shindig! 


Mermaid Themed Tassel Garland

I know there are a lot of these tassel garland tutorials floating around the internet, but I added a little something extra to mine that I wanted to share. To go along with my daughter’s birthday mermaid theme, I trimmed my garland with white pencil starfish on each end and ta-da! These classic beachy accents are perfect for girl or boy parties with summery themes and the color combinations of tissue paper are endless. Get creative with seashells!