Celebrating #FallSyllabus with Warby Parker


What if you could sign up for a free trial that let’s you choose 5 stylish frames to try for 5 days? Well… hold onto your glasses, guys, because Warby Parker is the place for you! I was recently contacted by the Brand Team of Warby Parker to collaborate with their #FallSyllabus campaign. I was excited to participate for a few reasons. Warby Parker partners with non-profit organizations like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is donated to someone in need. I love that! Another perk is that they have so many different options of frames to choose from, which makes it really hard to narrow down just 5. They’re also very affordable; plus plus! Fun fact: celebrities Ryan Gosling, Ashton Kutcher, and Olivia Wilde have been know to sport these snazzy frames. I needed to get my hands on some of them for myself so I signed up for their Home Try-On program to give them a go.

Warby parker frames

Here they are! The OCD in me appreciates how organized their packaging was, ha. I love the range of options and colors they offer. There really is a style for everyone. They even offer sunglasses, which I plan to check out as well!

Warby parker home try on

Warby Parker created #FallSyllabus for Instagram fans to show off their favorite ways to celebrate Fall. While my husband and I had pumpkin patch visits and other fall festive activities in line, the weather had other plans. East Texas received a lot of continuous rain from Hurricane Patricia. Thankfully it wasn’t as awful as predicted! So, my activities consisted of indoor DIY’s.

Diy pennant

I had so much fun playing with each different style. Which ones do you think suit me the best? I’d love to hear your opinions! The first pair I tried was Nedwin in Summer Green. I loved these, definitely one of my favorites.


Warby parker nedwin

This pair is Rowan in Graphite Fog. The frames are a little sassier with sort of a cat eye flare. Pretty cute!


Warby parker rowan

Next, I chose Upton in Sea Smoke Tortoise. I really like the color of this one but the lens are a little bigger than I prefer. Still a fun pair!


Warby parker upton

And last, Sibley in Jet Black. My husband was a huge fan of these! Haha, pretty sure we’ll be purchasing them in the very near future. I actually liked them more than I thought so that’s a bonus!


Warby parker sibley

Sadly, I didn’t get to try the Fitz (Whiskey Tortoise) because the frames arrived bent. I liked them a lot, so it bummed me out that they didn’t fit right.


I definitely recommend the Home Try-On program if you’re in the market for trendy and affordable eye wear. You can do the free trial as many times as you like until you find the right pair for you. I had a lot of fun participating, thank you Warby Parker for the invite!

Warby parker


written by: Jalee
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